We are a big family.  Our dad and uncle started back in the early to mid 80's as a drywall stocking company.  We were focused on trucking and labor.

At some point, without the credit to do so, Domtar opened us up as a drywall distributor.  We were selling drywall to our customers at that point.  Looking back, it was amazing how that happened but it did.  Later on, GP bought out Domtar and we are still GP's number one seller of drywall in California.

While being GP's largest distributor, we are still a small company surrounded by giants.  Our competitors are large publicly traded companies so in order to stand out, we have to focus on customer service.

Hey, and even if you're not a drywall contractor, come into one of our facilities and get drywall products from the professionals where you do not have to get lost in a big box store.